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Song Artist Duration Size
This Girl Lauren Daigle 04:33 9.76 MB
Look Up Child Lauren Daigle 03:03 6.70 MB
Your Wings Lauren Daigle 02:28 5.42 MB
Inevitable Lauren Daigle 02:40 5.66 MB
Losing My Religion Lauren Daigle 03:29 7.54 MB
Still Rolling Stones Lauren Daigle 04:08 8.87 MB
Rescue Lauren Daigle 03:35 7.40 MB
Love Like This Lauren Daigle 04:14 8.85 MB
Everything Lauren Daigle 04:18 8.86 MB
Remember Lauren Daigle 03:58 8.17 MB
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Lauren Daigle 06:29 12.79 MB
You Say Lauren Daigle 04:34 9.32 MB
Rebel Heart Lauren Daigle 04:06 8.45 MB
The album Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child contains 13 tracks that accumulates 00:51:35 minutes or 107.80 MB
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A short description:
“This is the age where I’m learning what I believe in,” mused Lauren Daigle, days shy of her 27th birthday, to Beats 1 host Zane Lowe. Her second album, Look Up Child, attempts to reevaluate faith through the eyes of a kid—abandoning doubt and fear and other temptations of adulthood. She offers support to other believers, with songs about reassurance (“Rescue”), comfort (“Your Wings”), and contentment (“Everything”). The LP’s spiritual centerpiece is “Losing My Religion,” a track, as Daigle put it, about “embracing the freedom of taking off the check boxes, the rules, and all those things that muddy up what faith actually is.”